Monthly Archives: August 2009

Sitting on a Volcano

Not only Norway has beautiful lakes, Germany has, too. My favourite lake in Oslo is Sognsvann, but this one comes close. It is called “Laacher See” and it is a potentially active volcano. At some spots you can see little bubbles coming out of the water.

In contrast to Sognsvann it lacks an efficient subway connection, but the Benedictine monastery Maria Laach Abbey (seen in the background of the first picture) more than makes up for it.

One Google Maps you find the lake here.

Impressions of Oslo

First blog post after nearly a year of blogging absence: this time just a few impressions of Oslo. Most of the pictures were taken right after a heavy thunderstorm, that’s why they have such a dramatic atmosphere. The first one was taken shortly after midnight on July 4th to show you that it is still light at that time of the night.

I was the entire July in Oslo both to meet friends and to take an intensive Norwegian language course (a win-win situation ;) ). The course was offered by the Folkeuniversitetet and I really learned a lot. Could in the end already have a discussion whether Norway should join the European Union or not (I will not go into the details here).

With these newly acquired language skills I am very happy now because this was the only thing that had bothered me during the 2 years I lived in Oslo: I could perfectly understand everything, but not really talk.

Otherwise, it is great to be in Oslo in July. Sometimes, you feel a bit like being in a ghost town as many people are on vacation. However, the nature around the city, the lakes and the fjord are just fantastic in summer. You should only be prepared for all kinds of weather as it ranged from something that felt more like autumn to 30°C degrees, sunshine and swimming in the fjord.