Monthly Archives: May 2008

May 17th: Norwegian Independence Day

May 17th, the Norwegian Independence Day, was a rather wet affair this year: Temperatures in Oslo down at about 4°C degrees, some snow in the upper parts, rain in the lower parts of the city and lots of wind as well.

Music ensemble in the parade

Also the concerts at Kubaparken later on suffered a bit because of the weather. We managed to stay there for only about 3 hours, but then went indoors to have a real Norwegian dinner with all kinds of traditional Norwegian food. No, not pizza or hamburgers this time, but well, sausages were there as well.

Patriotic spectator

Despite the weather (“there is no bad weather, only bad clothing”), it was a really nice day with a truly special atmosphere. For Norwegians this day is very important, except for one Norwegian friend of mine who went to his home town for mountain biking by saying “Freedom and independence? You don’t really need this…” (Irony switched on, of course).

For more sunny impressions, check the blog entry from last year.