Monthly Archives: November 2007

Darkness, Snow and the Language

So this time a little update on the weather situation and the climate in general in Oslo: Winter is approaching now and the first snow already fell. At Tryvann, the local skiing area, there is already a lot of snow. If the forecast is right (which it usually is not), there will be some more snow falling within the next few days.

Otherwise the days are getting shorter and shorter, which is a bit annoying. It starts to get dark at around 15.30 and afterwards you have the feeling as if it is 22.00 in the night, but it is only 17.00 maybe. So far, it is not really depressing, but in these days it is good to run on a tight (spare-time) schedule because otherwise it could probably become a bit boring.

Besides, I spotted the other day some spike tyres for mountain bikes. This is definitely a “must have” because these tyres allow you to more or less safely drive on snow and ice.

Norwegian language

A few weeks ago, I started to take part in an “advanced” Norwegian course. The course is quite okay so far, but I am wondering whether I will ever start to actually speak the language. I now understand probably 95% percent (leaving out some really strange dialects), which is nice, though.

In addition, English has now fully replaced German as my working and “living” language. This is a bit funny, but now I actually appreciate to talk German sometimes. (This is in stark contrast to Maastricht, for instance, where it was hard to avoid Germans :-) ).