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Oslo Ghost Town

Yes, it’s Easter again and what I already observed last year in Uppsala is valid for Oslo as well: everything is closed. But this is not only about shopping, also in the streets you hardly see cars or people walking around. Everyone seems to be away.


For instance, one of the major subway hubs “Majorstuen” is normally quite crowded. Today, you could only see a few people there. However, there are some places that are crowded. One of the is the Sognsvann lake. This is a place where Norwegians (and some of the students who are living close by) go out for a walk and want to explore “nature”. Luckily, the weather has been really nice in the past weeks.

I now finally also have a bike, which is very handy. The distances are so short in Oslo that I’m sometimes faster by bike than by subway (T-Bane). I even biked down the “Korketrekkeren” bobsleigh track where in winter we went sledge riding.

A Short Hello From Molvania

While I was already last year in Lutenblag and I actually had not planned to go there again, the price for a flight was so cheap that I changed my mind. Since today, Molvanian national carrier Aeromolv is offering a cheap no-frills service from Oslo’s main airport Gardermoen to Lutenblag airport. We went to Molvania with 5 people and paid in total only 220 NOK (about 26 Euros; bribe money for the Molvanian immigration officials not included) for all the five of us!

Cheap, but big: our hostel (CC)

Since radiation levels have dropped enormously since last year, we decided that is was safe to stay a bit outside of Lutenblag. Due to global warming, there is no more snow in the Lutenblag area, only mud though. We stay on the top floor of the hostel, but because of the smog we cannot see anything. I am now sitting in the internet cafe of the hostel and have limited ability to upload any pictures because the top speed that is possible from here is 9600 baud per second and the modem is getting hot already. Not to mention that the connection is lost every 2 minutes.

Tomorrow, we have a guided tour around the nuclear reactor, which is right inside the city center, and afterwards we will see whether the cable car service to the top of Lutenblag’s city mountain is operating…

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