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First Class With Ryanair

Last week, I flew to Oslo with Ryanair to organize my study-related stay which will start in February. I took the early flight from Frankfurt-Hahn (EDFH / HHN) to Oslo-Torp/Sandefjord (ENTO / TRF) at 6.30 in the morning. Since there are a lot of rumors about Ryanair and their service, I was positively surprised.

The plane was brand new (average age of Ryanair’s fleet is 2.7 years) and was equipped with very comfortable leather seats. Not these dirty ones I encountered about two years ago where you completely sink into the seat. For a two hours flight, the leg room was sufficient as well. What made this a “first class” trip was the load factor of the plane: only 14 people out of possible 189 the plane can carry flew to Oslo on that morning. The whole aircraft was basically empty. This also affected the crew who were very friendly so that I even bought a tea for 2.50 Euros.

Ryanair Cabin View During Flight

The Frankfurt-Hahn airport, which is actually closer to my hometown than to Frankfurt (so I call it Dattenberg-Hahn :-) ), was easily reachable by car as well and the check-in went quite smoothly. Only the shuttle bus driver who brought me from the parking lots to the terminal was not really friendly. Originally, I had planned to fly with Germanwings from Cologne, however, they have cut back their connections to Oslo and will stop the service by end of March. The same happened to Cologne – Gothenburg already (shame on you!).

Due to new hand luggage regulations, it is not allowed anymore to carry liquids into the cabin. Therefore, I brought three empty 0.5 liter bottles, which I filled up with tap water later on. This effort saved about 10 euros as the water you can buy at the airport is quite expensive. The security personnel searched my rucksack very carefully because it seems that they cannot see on their screen whether a bottle is empty or not.

Free Internet at Torp

The Oslo-Torp airport is quite nice as well and even offers free wireless internet. Outside, the Torpekspressen bus already waited with a very friendly bus driver. The ride to Oslo takes a bit less than two hours. To sum up, flying with Ryanair is like flying with any other airline, the only thing is that you pay less and don’t fly into major airports.

The flight back to Frankfurt was more crowded, but went along smoothly as well despite incredible wind speeds of about 150 knots (about 300 km/h) at cruising altitude and 30 knots cross winds during the landing. These speeds were luckily lower than on the day before where a lot of flights (including all to/from Oslo) had been canceled due to gale-force winds. Only flight attendant Agnieszka was a bit on the rougher side… (“Please take your seats as quickly as possible! I said, TAKE YOUR SEATS AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE!”)