Monthly Archives: March 2006


QSL card of SK0TM

Yesterday, I visited the Technical Museum in Stockholm. Next to the exhibitions, the museum has also its own amateur radio station, callsign SK0TM.

So, of course, I visited the station, entered the room and said like “Hello, I’m DL4CB”. Immediately, Bengt (SM0YX) smiled and noted my callsign, stood up from his chair and said “Here, please sit down and use the station!”. So did I.

I used their ICOM 756 transceiver, which was connected to a 5-element Yagi antenna. I made two contacts, the first one with a German station in Spain, where the temperatures were 30 degrees higher than here in Sweden. The second OM I talked to was in Rome in Italy. The audio quality was excellent, I would like to have such a Yagi antenna (and the space to put it up), too.

After one and a half hour, I left the station with 2 QSL cards (see picture) as a souvenir. Actually, we wanted to make a radio contact when I left the museum (I had brought my 2m/70cm handheld), but unfortunately that didn’t work. We were not sure how to properly connect the 2m antenna to the transceiver. Bengt was only familiar with the shortwave station. At least the people at the busstop looked at me as if I was an alien when I tried to call him from outside :-) .