Monthly Archives: February 2006

Ruter And Me On Tour

This midday, I went together with Ruter from the IKEA back to Flogsta. Who is Ruter? Ruter is IKEA’s low-cost ironing board and everybody has been missing it. We now share the cost of it among four people. There is no other ironing board in my corridor and in my building, either.

Some words about the weather: Although it feels not really cold (we have around -3 degrees centigrade), there now is a lot of snow. In contrast to home, when it snows the snow remains on the ground and does not melt away. When it is fresh it is quite difficult to bike on it because it has not compacted yet. I think if we had this amount of snow at home, everything would brake down. But here even the busses run on time.

Snow scene right before my house

Another thing that bothers me for quite some time is the local petrol station. They have a banner hanging there that says “Sänkt bensinpris” (=lowered price for petrol), but they do not display the actual price somewhere. Someone else seemed to like that banner though and put it on his or her balcony (see below) here in Flogsta. I guess he or she didn’t pay too much for it.

Lowered petrol price

The other thing I did today was that I upgraded my bike with respect to traffic safety. Although lights came with the bike when I bought it, the holder of the frontlight broke. So I bought a complete set of lights and mounted them on my bike. The rear light first did not fit on the sattel pole, but luckily I had brought some rubber tape and with that I could thicken the pole. Now the rear light sits perfectly.

My bike (see arrows for new lights)

In addition to that, I also bought a bike helmet. In Maastricht, it would never come into my mind to wear such a helmet, but here you directly interfere with the car traffic as a cyclist. And I have heard from a lot of people who crashed with their bike. But luckily, no fatal injuries so far.

Touch And Go

This weekend, I took my “cargo” flight back home and today back to Uppsala. Still, I had 20 kg of luggage on my way back and mainly brought my subwoofer (my neighbours will be happy), my suit and German “Milka” chocolate and Haribo jelly bears.

“Spirit of T-Com”, D-AKNR, at Arlanda Airport

I flew again with Germanwings, which I can really recommend. The plane I flew with was the “Spirit of T-Com”, better pictures here. The personnel is nice, the prices cheap and the airplanes are clean. Tonight, the flight seemed to be nearly fully-booked, there were only a few seats left empty.

Snowy Street in Uppsala

On the flight last Friday I had one seat row for myself (see picture). There was a delay, however, due to the snow. The runway had to be cleaned from snow and the plane had to be de-iced. That’s why there was a delay of 45 minutes.

In-Flight Flight (Cessna in MS Flightsim at CGN)

Thanks to my laptop, I could watch some movies during flight and listen to my mp3s. There is a Wifi hotspot at Arlanda airport where you can check incoming and outcoming flights for free. One hour of Internet costs approximately 5 Euro.

If you are looking for good ear plug headphones, try the ones from Koss. You plug them into your ear and it dampens the noise of the plane. The amount of bass is incredible.