Monthly Archives: November 2005

Calling India

For one of my university courses we were shown a film about call centers in India last Tuesday. It was a documentary from Dutch television called “Even India Bellen” or “Caling India”. More and more U.S. companies outsource their call centers to India. The agents there get American names (like Frank or Stan) instead of their original Indian ones. To get an authentic American accent, they are trained for that as well.

Since my university is always up-to-date, they streamed the documentary directly from the Internet. It can be watched via the Tegenlicht website. Just click on the rightern side on “Bekijk de uitzending ‘Even India bellen’ in BREEDBAND’ tot 700 kbs” and you will get the stream in broadband quality. Except for the introduction, the documentary is in English with Dutch subtitles.