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Sweden, Stockholm, Uppsala

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Sweden is a wonderful country. As I had never been there before, except for one day in Malm̦ when I was a child, I had all the Sweden stereotypes in my mind, which are very positive in comparison to other countries: cute little houses, many lakes, forrests Рjust like in the stories of Astrid Lindgren. When I finally arrived in Knivsta, situated between Stockholm and Uppsala, I realised that all these images were true.

When you drive around the country, you really pass by a lot of lakes and all the houses I saw were always very well-kept and nice. Especially the red painting looks so lovely. Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is the most beautiful city I have ever been to. It is quite big and located on several islands. In contrast to other capitals, it is very green. There are many parks and trees and even nicely arranged flower tubs.

It is also not that hectic and bustling like other big cities. Uppsala, the country’s fourth biggest city, is located around 70 kilometers north of Stockholm. The city’s main attraction is the cathedral, which is already visible when you are approaching Uppsala. Near the river are several coffee bars and shopping streets. The shops have nearly everything you wish – bigger shops like an Ikea or do-it-yourself store are located somewhat further away from the city center in an industrial area. Around the country, the shops have pretty long opening times. Even on Sundays you can go shopping.

What I found interesting was that even in smaller towns there were huge book stores, always with a selection of English books. The nature in Sweden is also gorgeous. You just have to leave a city for a few kilometres and you are either at a lake or in a forrest. The streets are nearly empty, only from time to time a car passes by. In addition to that, all the people I met were extremely friendly – not to say that every single Swedish person from bus drivers to cleaning personnel speaks English perfectly.

World Youth Day Cologne 2005: Pope Merchandise

The World Youth Day in Cologe is just a few days ahead and a well-known store chain in the city center of Cologne is adjusting its offerings to the event. These shirts are sold by C&A for 9 euros each. I guess we will see similar coloured shirts for the FIFA worldcup next year. Then with “Brasil” instead of “Benedict” printed on them.

either in orange…
…or in black