Monthly Archives: July 2005

Towards the Exploration of I/O Automata

Academic writing is a special form of writing. The sentences are longer (or should I say more elaborate?), there are references to all kinds of studies from other authors and an academic paper needs to have a certain structure. This has the drawback that many papers look the same. Sometimes you are even wondering what the author wants to tell you.

Some MIT students exploited these drawbacks and programmed an automatic paper generator called SCIgen. They also have a blog, by the way. It simply generates a randomly composed paper – academic structure included.

To create a paper, simply enter your name and click “generate”. You immediately get the output – and I was astonished how “real” it looks. Currently, the generated articles are situated in the field of computer networking, but maybe future versions of the programme will support other fields of research.

Here is a PDF of my work, titled “Towards the Exploration of I/O Automata“.

Happy Birthday: Amazon Turns Ten

In all my university courses that deal anyhow with the topics internet, e-commerce, e-business or online marketing, this company is most likely to be dealt with:, the first online book store, celebrates its 10th birthday in the coming week. Everything started on July 16th 1995 in a Seattle-base garage. To celebrate, Amazon has special offers and several “surprises“. Amongst those is a live concert that will be streamed via the company’s website.

To get to know more about the company, the New York Times has an interesting article about the “Retail Revolution“. USA Today features an interview with Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos.