Monthly Archives: June 2005

Functional Food

Just saw a report on television about food with additionally added vitamins. It was said that there is no general vitamin deficiency in the population and thus the added vitamins are more a marketing gag than a real contribution to the personal health condition. It is nearly impossible to buy plain, ordinary orange juice for instance at the discounters.

Orange juice naturally contains a huge amount of vitamin C, so it is simply not necessary to add it additionally. Try it out and read one of the 200 languages on the back of you orange juice pack. Its very likely that it says “vitamin c added”. A German authority called “Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung” (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment) is proposes introducing limits to the amounts of vitamins and mineral nutrients added to food products.

On Air Again

GAP Eagle DX

For the shortwave bands, I am using the GAP Eagle DX antenna. Its a vertical multibander for the 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 meter bands. Its about 6.5 meters long (21 ft) and for a shortwave antenna relatively small, although my neighbours may think differently about that.

Nevertheless, a few month ago, the cable clamp, which held the radials of the counterpoise together, burst and I had to find a new one. That was a bit tricky, since all parts of the antenna are from the US and therefore have the US measures. So most of the clamps I found in DIY stores were either too short in length or too thick. In the end I found a cable clamp, which was originally meant for a hosepipe. Today I mounted it together with the radials and the antenna is working again.

Next to that, I tried out my new tuner, the MFJ-941 E. I got it used for a reasonable price. To test for the limits of the box, I tried to match a 1 meter long aluminium pipe for 40 meters and it worked! Ok, I did not hear anything on the frequency, but at least the SWR was all right.

After that, I attached my “frying pan” antenna to it, which consists of a pan and a 1.75 meter long radiator. I built it using the instructions by DL7PE (sorry, this website is only in German so far). Beneath the pan is a pancake coil, specially designed for 14 MHz. Without matching, it had a SWR of 2:1, with the tuner, it moved to 1:1. I could hear a lot of stations, a bit weaker in comparison to the GAP Eagle, but when considering the small size of this pan antenna it performs pretty good actually. However, its really difficult to tune without a tuner, although DL7PE says that it should work without one.