Monthly Archives: May 2005

University anywhere

My Linux desktop with the Citrix client logged on

My university is currently testing in a project named “Student Desktop Anywhere” a service that allows students to log on to the university’s Citrix servers and work as if they were in the library. I am taking part in this beta test.

To log on, I have to open a website and click on a button. Then the Citrix client starts and a window pops up with exactly the same deskop and all the applications as in our library. I can access all the journals and programmes that are normally blocked for outsiders. I tested it with the Citrix client 9.0 and Mozilla Firefox running SuSE 9.2.

Also the speed is incredible. You can comfortably surf the web using the Internet Explorer of Windows 2000. When you scroll down a page, only a minimal delay is noticeable. Video and audio streams, however, don’t work. Maybe I have to configure the client accordingly. I didn’t specify a drive to map, either. It would be nice if the university were to open this service for all the students.

“Prototypical Nerds”

Wired features an article about amateur radio (also called ham radio), which is also my hobby.

Hams are characterized as being “the planet’s prototypical nerds”. Next to that, the article mentions the Hamvention in Dayton. In Europe, a similar fair is the “Ham Radio” in Friedrichshafen, Germany. I’ve been there two or three times already and its really nice to catch up with the latest developments and experience the so-called ham spirit.