Monthly Archives: February 2005

Wellness Hype

The wellness hype has reached Europe. There was an insert in our newspaper these days, entirely dedicated to wellness. Although I just browsed through it, one article caught my attention. Some wellness hotel is offering chocolate baths. The chocolate is said to have a positive influence on all kinds of diseases and illnesses, like depressions, tiredness and all sort of other things. I am wondering whether the human body can really absorb all those valuable ingredients when the chocolate is applied only onto the skin. Isn’t that a waste of food?

Also in general, everything you do gets directly connected to wellness. You go out for a walk, its a wellness walk. You go on holiday, it must be a wellness holiday. Time to come up with a wellness work. Why are you cleaning the windows? Well, its a wellness work. The view you have when you look out lets you see the things differently.

Not to forget about the costs. Every wellness activity has to cost a lot of money. It won’t take long and we will see wellness forests that differ from normal forests by the entrance fee…

Cold By Bike

Everyone I come across these days at the university has a cold. You just ask “How are you doing?” and then you hear a hoarse voice “Well, its okay”. Maybe its the weather. No real snow here, but quite cold. When going by bike, the wind chill factor lets you feel the temperature even colder. The gear change at my bike desperately needs an overhaul. I can only drive with 2 or 3 out of 21 gears. The bike itself is also rather dirty, a lot of road salt is sitting on all kinds of parts.


Just finished reading Michael Crichton’s “Prey”. Its an excellent book with a very interesting and realistic-seeming story. In the desert, a company seeking fresh venture capital has developed micro-robots with the size of nanoparticles. During the development, the risks of creating such robots were not assessed properly. After a cloud of these nano robots manages to escape out of the laboratory and becomes self-sustaining and intelligent, it starts to learn and begins to kill animals and humans later on.

It is said that Michael Crichton did a lot of research on the topic. In the last part of the book, sources to various journals and articles are given that deal with the topic. I will definitely try to read one or the other article.