Monthly Archives: November 2004

Antennas go undercover

Deutsche Welle today reports (The Register has it also) that a number of companies have developed undercover antennas, mainly for the mobile phone sector. Those range from antennas looking like trees to an antenna mast disguised as a crucifix.

This story reminds me of an article in one of the last CQ DLs (the German amateur radio club magazine), where a HAM reported that since he attached a small (Danish) flag on top of his antenna, there were suddenly no more complaints about “strange” TV and radio interferences. Everybody is now seeing his antenna as an ordinary flagstaff and all the problems are gone.

Gmail now supports POP and SMTP

German computer magazine PC Welt reports that it is from now on possible to access your Gmail-Account via POP3 and even use Gmail’s SMTP server.

Unfortunately, my account does not support this feature yet. The feature is available, if under “Settings” the field “Forwarding and POP” appears. There you can click on “enable POP only for mail that arrives from now on”.

The pop server is then (SSL supported, port 995) and the smtp server is (authentification needed, TLS/SSL supported, port 465 or 587). The username is your Gmail address, including the “”. The password is you Gmail password.